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Tree Trimming

We will climb, boom truck or pole saw whatever trees you need. We work with the customer to provide the best service and price for the type of job that is desired. We do our best to listen to whatthe customer wants, and then continue to do our best to deliver it.

Tree Removal

 'Yard Friendly' We climb so there will be NO RUTS in your yard or on the grass. We care about your grass as much as your trees. When a tree has to be removed totally from the property, we can do it. Whether it is to cut the tree down and let it lay; or completely remove debris and stump while covering ground with sod; Rucker’s Tree services is on the job. 

Storm Clean-Up

If it is a no-name storm or a Hurricane disaster, we have been there to help cleanup in the aftermath. Just because people do not always know what to do, and how much it costs, does not mean they should be taken advantage of… especially during a crisis. Our price and job integrity has and always will stay the same. Even when others are charging 3 times as much, we WILL NOT do so (Luke 6:31). If you think you have been taken advantage of or price gouged by someone during a catastrophe, call or email your Attorney General. In Florida - If you suspect price gouging, make a report by calling the Attorney Generals office at 1-866-9-NO-SCAM.

You can file a complaint online by going to .

Alternative Wood Uses

We can have your trees turned into boards (on-site or off) by one of several custom sawmills. There are also options available to have raw wood/logs or boards used in furniture and other projects as well. Ask us, or tell us your idea about what you would like to see made out of YOUR tree! 

Overgrown Yards

It seems to happen overnight sometimes that beautiful little shrub or tree has turned into a monster. We have and can help you tame the beast by trimming back or removal of unwanted greenery. We may not be a circus lion trainer, but here at Rucker’s Tree Services, we have tamed some pretty wild places! Let us help you with yours today.